Welcome to La Marqueza Ltd!


What are the requirements of becoming drop-shipping account and add our luxurious range to your online store?

Are you looking for great premium quality Genuine Panama Hats and increase sales on your e-commerce?  If you meet the following requirements, please apply to become a drop-shipping customer.

Joining La Marqueza Ltd as a drop-shipping customer is 100% free (we do not charge any commission nor setup fees). However, please note that La Marqueza Ltd is a curated platform and the following requirements must be met:

 What La Marqueza Ltd will do for you?

  • Product

We provide high quality products with product photography and descriptions that are ready-to-market.

  • Distribution

We manufacture our finest products at the highest standards and hold inventory in own warehouses, all our hats are entirely handwoven, sustainable, socially responsible and environmentally friendly. 

  • Stock management

Any item, size, or other product option that is currently out of stock on our own website will be reported to you. Once the product has backed in stock, it will be communicated to you as well so you can make it available for purchase again on your end.

  • Quality control

Our Panama Hat company is a lifestyle top brand that combines millenary craftsmanship with exquisite style and it is recognised by the outstanding experience in producing and exporting Genuine Panama hats. You can proudly provide a premium product.

  • Pricing

We will provide the 20% off of our retail price. This discount enables you to realise a profit margin and incentives you to grow your businesses with our products. 

  • Minimum Order Quantity

There is not a minimum order quantity for products if you are selected as our drop-shipping customer.

  • Speedy fulfilment 

You want to impress your customers, they want your product fast. Most orders are ready to ship within 48 hours on a tracked service.

  • Returns handling

While you provide the customer service to your own customers we will help you with the return/size exchange requests and process them for you  




Once you have become a drop-shipping customer on La Marqueza Ltd, you have the following responsibilities to remain with us:

  • Product Images and Descriptions

Watermarks are not permitted on product images. Descriptions that are ready-to-market goes a long way as they make it easy for you to simply push our products to your store.

  • Pricing

Pricing on our products should be the same as our retail. if we change the price due to general inflation, we will communicate this in writing to allow you to make the same increase as well. 

We start you off with a base recommended retail price which works really well, but use our pricing widget to set the price of your product higher where you think you can. This is great for earning extra profit because you definitely have a great premium product that your customers are prepared to pay that bit extra for, if you find the right market.

  • Customer Service

You need to provide top level customer service 

  • Shipping Fees

You must provide the same shipping fees that we offer in our retail website. 

Our shipping prices are not a profit for us, we literally pass on the same carrier costs we are charged.

  • Marketing

You need a fair understanding of online promotion, how to write well with keywords and great descriptions of your products. That way some traffic and customers can find you. The best person to tell the world about your artwork is you.

  • Order Processing

• A customer will place their order using your online store. They will make payment directly to you

• Their order with shipping details will be sent to us by you and a pre-order will be generated

• Once you are paid we simultaneously send you an email link so that you can send product and service payment to us to get the order ready to be shipped. You’ll keep the profit your side, only sending us the remaining balance for the product and shipping cost.

• We’ll start to prepare your order immediately on receipt of funds and ship the order directly to your customer. We will not start to prepare the order until we have received payment in full. After 48 hours if the balance is not paid a reminder is issued.

Drop-shipping customers who are unable to provide reliable order payments will be at risk of removal from this service.

These guidelines help you to create and build your business. The goal is to support you, so your business will grow along with us! 

 If you have any questions about the requirements above, please do not hesitate to contact info@lamarquezahats.com and we would be happy to discuss with you.