How to measure fineness?

La Marqueza Hats® fineness grades of quality have been categorised from Fino grade (WPI 6-10), Superfino grade (WPI 14-16), Extrafino (WPI 18-26) up to Ultra fino grade (WPI 32-42). This is identified by the WPI (Waves Per Inch: the higher the better), a finer hat is more expensive because its processing is more laborious and entails a much longer time.
how to measure the Montecristi Panama Hat fineness     sombrero Montecristi fino panama hat superfino 
To determine the Cuenta of a Montecristi or a Panama hat, count the number of rows of weave in one inch horizontally (or 2.5 cm), place the measuring tape on the side of the hat, it could be above our golden logo or further up on the crown. (For example, the hat in the following photo is a Montecristi (Herringbone weave), the horizontal and vertical count would be 12-14 weaves per inch).
Grades of quality of Panama Hats   Montecristi Cuenta Quality Fineness
Count the number of rows of weave in one inch horizontally, you can do the same by putting the measuring tape vertically. Usually, the vertical count is one or two more waves, and it also depends of the place of the crown you are counting, therefore, the grade of a Panama Hat will be (6-8 WPI), (10-12 WPI), (12-14 WPI), (14-16 WPI), (16-18 WPI) and so on.
Superfino Montecristi Panama Hat FINO    FOLDABLE PANAMA HAT MENS
All La Marqueza Hats® have been personally picked up and selected one by one, exercising direct fair trade.
We pride ourselves on offering the best quality to our customers and we sell first choice hats only, we do not stock the basic entry level quality of Panama Hats (commercial category: grade 0-4). Our products are flawlessly woven and considered the best quality on the market.