Our hats have been UNESCO recognised as world's Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2012

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Here you can learn how Panama hats are made, Panama Hat grades and qualities, find out how to measure your head for a perfect fit, how to wear a Panama Hat among many other interesting articles you can read about this most wanted timeless and precious masterpieces.

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Ethically sourced, sustainably made

  • Direct trade of Panama Hats and accessories that come from the most skilled artisans without intermediaries. All our stock is collected in our warehouse located in Montecristi - Ecuador, and it has been personally selected one by one for you. We get “first choice hats only", this means we examine all the hats and we choose just the best hats crafted while others are rejected. There are some Panama Hat Factories in Ecuador that trade hats but we don't use them and prefer the direct trade to offer the best quality at the best price. 
  • Our Panama Hat company exercises Fair trade in all the stages, this guaranty the right economic support for hat weaver families and artisans in Ecuador. La Marqueza Hats® team always make sure the personnel receive the fair pay that is necessary for the art survive.
  • All our hat’s production is hand-woven in Ecuador, designed and finally elegantly finished to the highest standard in the United Kingdom.
  • We offer the customisation service to create you own Montecristi Hat as you wish, with wider or shorter brim, taller or shorter crown, different ribbon colours and widths.
  • The 100% customer satisfaction is our priority, the global shipping is made in effective and fast way possible. Providing a great maintenance service to preserve your hat at its best over the time.

 Enjoy La Marqueza Hats® and experience the difference


Our Creative Director Maria Jose was born and raised in Ecuador. Former official at the Cultural section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ecuador, where she learnt all about the art of Toquilla straw hats commonly called "Panama Hats", working directly with the hat weavers families and helping them to trade their product abroad. Later studied Fashion design in Italy where she got married and started a truly traveller life in many countries around the world. All this unique experience has been the key to get a huge knowledge about Genuine Panama Hats and also to get inspiration from several cultures, fashion styles, traditions and places. In fact, her designs reflect the deep love and respect to our cosmopolitan world projected in cool concepts ready-to-wear.



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Always looking for the best quality materials, so for Summer / Spring, the hats are made with the best straw in the world (Toquilla straw) entirely handwoven in Ecuador (commonly known as Genuine Panama Hats) and for the Fall / Winter hats that are made with fine 100% fur felt, merino wool, cashmere and authentic full-grain leather.

"A Genuine Panama Hat is a sort of precious fabric entirely executed by hand" -- March. Maria Jose Incisa di Camerana

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