Rolling a Panama Hat

Original Packable Panama Hat Rolling / Folding


 Contrary to myth, not all Panama hats are suitable for rolling up, because not all the hats you find around market are genuine.

Then, the type of weave is determinant to get a rollable or not - rollable hat, the most popular type of weaves are:

The Herrinbone (llano) weave that is rollable since it is made using double straw in the process, resulting in a more robust and durable hat. And on the other hand, the Brisa weave that is rollable only from the superfine category, otherwise it is not recommended for rolling-up.

The ideal hats for rolling up are the 'Montecristi Panama Hats' because of their superb quality, herringbone (llano) weave that are minutely handwoven with double straw.

 The purpose of rolling a Genuine Panama should be for the convenience of travel only, it should not be permanently stored rolled up, as it would lose the shape and it would need to be reshaped. To keep your hat looking perfect, roll it up as few and loosely as you can.  

Rolling/Folding Panama Hat Video

   How to Roll a Panama Hat?

  1. Turn down the brim all the way round, pushing up all the crown
  2. Hold the hat with the crown running from left to right
  3. Fold carefully along the center ridge of the crown, pushing one side of the hat into the other
  4. Gently, roll it up loosely into a cone-like shape – you can put a band around to hold it in place or insert it in the travel tube


Make sure not to keep the hat permanently rolled up while it is stored