Summer Panama Hat | How to wear a Panama Hat | Panama Hat Guide | How much should I pay?

Summer Panama Hat | How to wear a Panama Hat | Panama Hat Guide | How much should I pay?

How much should I pay for a Panama Hat?

If you are looking for the Genuine Panama Hat, the prices can vary from around £70 (grade 0) to around £6000 (highest grades)

The most famous and classic colours of Panamas are the ivory white or the natural cream, a real Panama Hat would never be bright white as the process for the genuine hats only use a natural process that will never allow to make the hat's colour too bright white but a beautiful ivory white.

The favorite Panama Hat shapes for men and women are;

Fedora, Teardrop, Gambler and Optimo


Beat the heat and stay stylish with the summer sartorial staple La Marqueza Hats. Whether you're spending the day lounging on the beach, out on the golf course or garden, the Genuine Panama Hats are a must have.

Panama Hats are the ideal one for sun protection during hot weather due to their flexibility and breathable natural material, and the best accessory to be the most stylish during summer events.

Our authentic panama hats are rollable / foldable, made from 100% Toquilla straw, come in a variety of designs, choose from trilby, beach, short brim, wide brim and more! All hand woven straw sun hats - for men and women.

Shop quality, shop the 'Genuine Panama Hat' fully manually executed in Ecuador, considered truly art pieces and that only will improve with the age. Avoid poor woven, fakes or acrylic hats that don't make you feel fresh.

Ladies summer straw hat style Here:

Panama Hat men's style


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