Behind the recognised brand, La Marqueza Hats®, there is actually a love story, where the romance started it all. Nearly two decades ago, two young souls met for stay, one from Ecuador and another from Italy.

At the time, Maria Jose was a 22-year-old former official in Ecuador, working for the Minister of Foreign Affairs. During a trip in Rome - Italy, she met Guglielmo, a descendant of Italian nobility, and became very good friends. It was summer and he showed her all the beautiful places in Rome and then, Maria Jose invited him to visit to know more about her traditions and beautiful places in Ecuador, as well.

After just the first trip in Ecuador, Guglielmo felt in love with Ecuador and of course Maria Jose. Fascinated by the amazing places and crafts she showed to him, there was a special craft that Guglielmo loved the most, this was his first Genuine Ecuador Hat, (commonly named Panama Hat).

Maria Jose, very proud of her country, explained him all that she knew about these beautiful masterpieces, knowledge that she learned due of the job she did for the government of her country and allowed her to be constantly related with the promotion and cultural development of these hats, meeting all the best craftsmen in Ecuador.

Paja Toquilla Montecristi

Then, when they decided to join their lives, they started a truly life of travels where the Genuine Panama Hats were always their best friends and adventure testimonials.

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When the family established itself in the United Kingdom, they decided to share their life experience with the world, through their faithful friends and travel partners "the hats".

They looked for a name that represents their essence, passion and love, and like this “La Marquesa” was born.

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Why the name La Marqueza?

Maria Jose became Marchioness once married to Guglielmo, and this is why the logo, which certifies the hat quality, is their own family coat of arms. The crown in the golden pin, which represents “La Marqueza Hats®”, is in fact the Marquess crown consisting of 12 pearls (6 visible on the front), and 4 medallions (3 visible on the front).

Prince Panama Hats

Since then, the family-owned company’s vision of modern luxury Genuine Panama Hats, has ranked up heaps of awards, editor acclaim, and celebrity devotees.