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Blossom EXTRAFINO MONTECRISTI Panama Hat (Limited Edition)

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Masterpiece Authentic Montecristi Panama Hat, performed entirely manually in Montecristi - Ecuador, by one of the few master craftsmen still alive there. Each of these hats takes approximately from fifteen days to several months to be weaved by hand. Rollable / Foldable Panama Hat. 

The women's most exclusive sartorial staple. Top Montecristi quality for ladies. 100% natural Extra Finest Carludovica ’Toquilla' straw knows for its great quality and beauty.

  • Style: Montecristi Optimo with embroiled Cherry plum flowers
  • Model: Montecristi Hat Womens
  • Weave: Handwoven herringbone
  • Fineness Grade: Extra-fine WPI* 18/20
  • Height: 12 cm
  • Classic Brim: around 6 cm, although sizes can vary slightly because hats are fully handmade
  • Hatband: Royal blue with embroiled aplique on the front and side of the hat

    Fully handmade in Ecuador using heritage methods and finished in the workshop in United Kingdom with a comfortable sweatband and a silk top protective branded patch.

    *WPI: Weaves per inch

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