Hat Maintenance


At La Marqueza Hats, we pride ourselves on our excellent quality finished Panama hats, a complimentary style advisor service to help you find the perfect hat and a refresh and care service that we perform for you for a modest servicing fee to keep your hat as stylish as the day you bought it with us.


 Our hat refresh and care services for your *La Marqueza Hats include:


Service fee: £25

If after you have purchased a hat from us you find your hat needs some minor size adjustment, it is not to difficult to do this since this is a true Montecristi Panama hat.

How to effectively stretch a Genuine Panama Hat?

* Heat up your iron until the steam is ready and proceed to steam very well  the inside of the crown of your hat approximately six inches away from the steam for 30 seconds to a minute, ensuring that you get enough heat to the hat’s inside band and the sides as well.

* Then place the hat on your head when it is still damp and wear for a moment until you feel the hat fits you perfectly. The heat from your head will finish off the process by moulding the hat to your head. Repeat the process if necessary.

Feel confident using this simple steaming method to stretch your hat, because also the hat band that has been used it is a stretchable grosgrain and you have purchased a high quality straw hat that it will not damage in any way. Alternatively if you feel you prefer this done by one of our experts, please send us a message and let our master hatters do the job for you.

How to reduce the size of a Genuine Panama Hat?

Reducing the size of a hat can often be a tricky business, even for a professional milliner. So our advice is to exchange the size of the hat for the right one you need after you have received the hat. Otherwise if for some reason you have missed the exchange time scale with us or you have lost your proof of purchase, please let us help you in the process to successfully resize the crown to perfectly fit your head for a modest servicing fee. However, to get the desired results we suggest to opt to reduce the hat maximum two sizes only.

To ensure you are choosing the right hat size and avoid exchanging please click here: "sizing"


Service fee £ 30

Should your hat lose its original shape. please follow the guide we recommend at “Hat care”. Alternatively if you feel you need this done by one of our experts, please send us a message and let our master hatters do the job for you. We use the same wooden block the hat was blocked to restore its natural original shape, and follow up with a steam and brush.


Service fee: £25

If after one or two seasons you would like to change your La Marqueza Hat look, we stock a smart range of mono and multi-tone bands and bows that we can fit onto your hat for a small charge we will change the band for you and refresh your hat as well. (this service is not refundable)

*All the services we provide are for La Marqueza Hats exclusively, thank you for your understanding.