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Genuine Montecristi Hats
Ultrafino MONTECRISTI HAT "SPECTACLE" GRADE 34/42 (Bespoke Under request**)
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Ultrafino MONTECRISTI HAT "SPECTACLE" GRADE 34/42 (Bespoke Under request**)

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Precious and very rare masterpiece Genuine Handwoven Montecrsiti Hat, performed entirely manually in Montecristi - Ecuador by one extremely skilled artisan and there are only 10 master weavers alive in the world that produce this high grades  of hats. Rollable / Foldable. Unisex Panama hat. This Montecristi category could take from 12-15 months to be woven.

Made from ultra flexible leaves of the Ecuadorian Carludovica Palm. 100% natural Ultra Finest ’Toquilla' straw.

  • Style: Bespoke Genuine Montecristi Hat
  • Model: Bespoke
  • Weave: Ultrafino hand woven 
  • Fineness Grade: Ultrafino (WPI* 34-42)
  • Height: Bespoke
  • Brim: Bespoke
  • Price would vary from £3000 to £6000 depending of the fineness of the woven require.

The hat is hand-made in Ecuador and elegantly finished in the workshop in United Kingdom with a comfortable sweatband and a silk top protective branded patch.

*WPI: Weaves per inch

**Under request only. Usually this exclusive Monteristi Panama Hat category is requested by art museum exhibitions and Montecristi's lovers around the world. Please send us all the specifications to made-to-measure and create your precious hat at 


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