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EXTRAFINO III MONTECRISTI HAT "connoisseur" - GRADE 24/26 (Limited Edition)

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Masterpiece Genuine Montecristi Hat, performed entirely manually in Montecristi - Ecuador by one of the few master craftsmen still alive there. Each of these hats takes approximately one to two months to be weaved by hand. Rollable / Foldable Unisex Panama hat.

The exclusive summer sartorial staple. Montecristi next-level quality. All handmade with 100% natural ultra flexible Finest Carludovica ’Toquilla' straw known for its high quality and beauty.

  • Style: Montecristi Fedora Hat
  • Model: rollable / packable mens and womens
  • Weave: Handwoven herringbone
  • Fineness Grade: Extrafino (WPI* 24-26)
  • Height: 12 cm
  • Medium Brim: classic brim around 6 cm, although sizes can vary slightly because hats are fully hand woven
  • Hatband: Black grosgrain ribbon with our precious plaque' in 24K real gold on the side

The hat is handmade in Ecuador using heritage techniques and elegantly finished in the workshop in United Kingdom with a comfortable leather sweatband and a silk top protective branded patch.

*WPI: Weaves per inch

*Under request: La Marqueza Hats® can provide more luxurious bespoke and higher grades Montecristi Hats (some Ultra Fines waves could take up a year to make due to the extremely difficult handmade manufacture process). A Montecristi Panama hat Ultrafino can arrive to the highest grades (WPI 34-42). Ultrafine Montecristi Hat prices depend on the fineness of the weave from £3000 to £10000, all high quality and certified 100% authentic products. To learn more please click here:

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