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This minimal headwear piece has been hand-made using a series of traditional processes with hand-operated original machinery in one of the UK’s oldest hat factories

Premium quality 100% felted wool - waterproof, satin-lined interior, hand steamed, dyed and brimmed 

Perfect for cold weather, as it’ll keep you warm while you walk the city streets in the fall and winter seasons. This felt hat is a must-have accessory every fashionista needs to complete her outfit

  • Style: Classic Teardrop - Royal Deluxe quality
  • Model: Black colour for women
  • Material: 100% brushed wool felt, velvet-touch 
  • Height: 10.5cm
  • Wide Brim: 7.5cm raw edge
  • Hatband: 4cm - black grosgrain ribbon embellished with luxury silver metallic chains 
  • Interior: Satin-lined in red
  • Water Repellent

Designed and handcrafted in England, finished with a comfortable cotton sweatband 

Supplied with a dust bag, It is recommended to store it protected from the air and from the humidity, and to dust it regularly with a specific brush.

Experience the difference and enjoy the handmade perfection

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